VERITY VAREÉ Anniversary Dinner

"Verity Varee began as a daydream. “What if I could choose my own clothes? Pick my makeup? Decide my hairstyle? Find my own locations? Create a personalized photo shoot?  What if someone cared enough to ask me about my life, what I wanted, what my dreams were?”

In 2013 Verity Varee began, and has grown into something so beautiful. Verity Varee is "revealing the truth about beauty through your story". It is not beautiful in a unattainable, to-good-to-be-true way, but quite the opposite. It is genuine, raw and honest. Everyone who comes has a different experience, it is designed to feature what they love in a pure and true way.  The Anniversary dinner was nothing less than that. 

I had the pleasure of helping my friend, Margaret, plan it, and photograp and film the night. I am looking for many more get togethers with these people. 

Be sure to check out Verity Varee's website and see what they're all about.